Saturday, November 25, 2006

Under the weather

The bright shinning moment of the day! Check out these persimmons. I gave maybe 20 to Diane the other day, and I think there are still 15 or so on the tree, a bit too green to pick yet. We finally had a dry day today, and it wasn't too cold, so I decided today was the day. Also picked the rest of the quince. Well, almost; later I noticed that I left some behind.

I'm definitely coming down with whatever Mike had. Made further changes to Alice's site per request, and did some research on the shadow project. Now that I might already be getting a care package of unwanted eye shadows, I'm getting excited about the prospect.


Anonymous said...

Is it edible? Good for painting though.


Sundry said...

Oh, this put a smile on my face. I almost ran to the kitchen for a spoon to dip out the sweet innards of one of these beauties.

I never experienced persimmons until I had the privilege of picking up some friends' weekly organic produce farm-share and got a box of them. They are amazing dried, too.

Ooh, good for you!