Monday, November 20, 2006

Toss, recycle, give away

Took a short drive in the car this afternoon; driving turned out to be much easier than walking, so I probably could've driven a few days ago already. The foot's still pretty sore, and it's hard to clean wearing the boot, so I've dispensed with the boot for the day while I finished cleaning. We'll see if I pay for it tomorrow. So ta's the oh so clean gocco room (which looks suspiciously like a bedroom):

And one thing leads to another -- while cleaning the gocco room, I came across old gocco'ed stuff that I'd been saving for maybe making collages. Deciding that I'd probably never use them, now I'm looking for stuff that I've saved in the flat file but will probably never use either. Tossed out some old never finished drawings (in the recycling bin, that is), and here's the pile that's still waiting to be sorted.

Not sure what I'll do with the gocco'ed bits (old prints, cards). Seems a shame to stuff them in the recycle bins too, I do think they make good collage fodder. I might see if I can give them away.

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