Saturday, April 07, 2007

All wrapped up, almost

Filled out the forms for a couple of exhibits and packed the books; dropped off 1 set at Laura's gallery for the Sense and Sensuality exhibit and will drop off the other on Tuesday. Visited with Laura, who broke her elbow while renovating the gallery (23 Sandy). Ouch! I originally misunderstood her and thought she broke her elbow OFF! I pictured this loose piece of elbow sliding around on the slippery floor (the reason why she fell) and had to be retrieved and re-attached! Sounds like opening party was great fun (we were at our Friday Night Extreme Taichi class).

Finally, but finally put all copies of Calypso in their containers. I still have to make the 'glamorous evening bags', but at least they're all in their Stonehenge containers at this point. Cleaned up the studio again. It's hard to believe how dusty things get in there, but everything was covered in a layer of grit.

Right, and the strawberry bed got weeded and cleaned up today! A most important chore, if we want a good crop. I still need to fertilize...

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