Friday, April 27, 2007

Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center

That's a mouthful! I'm having a hard time telling people that's where my May exhibit is; I get through the 'Glenn & Viola Walters' fine, but by the time I get to 'Cultural Arts...', my tongue is all twisted up. But anyhow, Theresa and I installed the exhibit this morning, and I forgot to take pictures. I also forgot to take a stash of cards and my little 'brochure' thingie. I'll try to remember next Tuesday. Oh, and oops, I just realized that my announcement did not include the reception date! Hmm. I guess I'll have to send out a ps. OK, I just did that. There was no traffic on 217 or 26, I was very surprised. I was able to go the speed limit the whole way.

Since I was out that a way anyhow, I met Mike for lunch and stopped by at Powells hoping to sell back some used books. They only took one, which was more or less what I expected. I've pretty much cleaned out of the 'good stuff' a while ago. So off to the library the rejects went. Got home, composed my announcement, put together another image for Laura, read the critique of Calypso by Lisa, then it was off to Friday Night Extreme Taichi again.

Another day without much studio time (I did stare at the piece for another few minutes though). I think it's actually pretty close to finished. I should be able to finish it this weekend. Then I'd take a break and install the raised vegetable bed, which Mike finished building last weekend. He's even offered to install it for me! I said it would be so romantic to do it together; he suggested matching heart shaped shovels...

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