Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting ready for 3 exhibits

That was the bulk of the day -- cleaning and packing the pieces that are going into the Hillsboro show, preparing images, statements, and bios for the June show at Rake, and also the Sense and Sensuality show in July at Laura's. I originally thought I'd get maybe a couple of hours in the studio tonight after dinner, but then we went out for ice cream and to return a shirt, and after our evening walk, I realized that I now have to get to bed pretty soon as I have to get up early to fight the morning traffic to get to Hillsboro by 9am.

So no studio time today, but I did snap a couple of pictures of the yard this afternoon after I came home from my errands.

The crabapple is really a little past its prime. The red pole is waiting for a sculpture to be fitted on top, eventually. The rhodie just opened today.

The tree with the blossoms in the background is the quince tree. Come fall, it will probably have enough quince to supply the entire city's demand for the fruit.

The dogwood is always popular with the neighbors. Actually, I finally got inspired to go out and take some picture today because a neighbor was walking around the garden taking pictures, in my garden, that is.

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