Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So what does the dandelion stand for?

When I was out weeding the dandelions, I was struck by how they were the easiest to spot, and therefore pull out, when they were in full bloom. I was inspired to paint them, and to incorporate them into my collection of symbols that I construct. The moth being the first one, symbolizing vanity. So then what is the dandelion? Folly? Being overtly showy and fertile, and yet not quite useful in a suburban yard?

I can't really eat them, there being high critter traffic, I never know who's been doing what where in my yard. The blooms last but a day, and the seed heads, beautiful as well, last only until the first gust of wind. So they're showy but not useful enough, and their showiness proves their downfall.

I think I'm finished with this painting. I can't seem to upload the images right now, or rather, blogger tells me it's uploaded the images, but they don't show up. I'll try again later.

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