Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quartly report

I've been keeping track of how I spend my time since mid September last year, so as of March 31, I have the records for a whole quarter. Mainly I wanted to see how I was spending my time, and how I could make more time (ie, waste less time), but just the act of keeping track of time has reduced a lot of my normal time wasters, like stopping at garage sales or going to the thrift shop. Although I still occasionally google for things that I really shouldn't be wasting time on.

So drum roll please...

From Jan 1 to March 31 of 2007, I spent 355 hours on 'Art/Work', that's the category that includes studio time, research for projects, admin time, and things like installing shows, de-installing shows. For example, I logged 4.5 hours bringing down the book arts show at Print Arts today, and another hour and quarter preparing exhibition materials.

I'm going to estimate 12 weeks per quarter -- I'm usually gone a couple of days a month and no work gets done on those days. That means I'm spending just under 30 hours a week on 'Art/Work'.

I logged 160.75 hours for the 'Exercise/Yard/Library/Violin' category; this includes exercise, obviously, library volunteer time, yard work, and violin practice. Unfortunately, I practiced for maybe all of 3 hours these last 3 months. I also hardly did any yard work, this being the soggy and cold season here. The library is usually about 6 hours a month, but I've missed a few visits this year, so I probably only put in 10 hours this quarter. So I'm estimating that I'm exercising over an hour and half each day, on average.

I'm not unhappy with those hours, although I think they can be better. I really need to practice on a regular basis, and I want to start up on Arabic lessons again. I know I should just check my email a couple of times a day and figure out a way of doing correspondences more efficiently, but I haven't managed to do that, yet.

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