Friday, April 13, 2007

OK, I'm impressed

After years of working with the flowering plum, trying to prune it to a better shape (following pruning manual instructions) and never succeeding with it, I finally just hacked it all back to about 6 feet tall last November. I left the branches in a big pile by the tree through the winter, and just recently started to clean that up.

Well, I was out there cutting up the last of the branches this afternoon, when I saw that some of the branches had blossoms on them! These are branches that had been severed from the tree 5 months ago. The flowers weren't so good looking, but still, it is mighty impressive. I also noticed that there were leaf buds.

After taichi class, we went to Wong's King for dinner, and then Papa Haydn's for dessert (celebrating our 16th). But of course, we're officially celebrating tomorrow by going to The Ark. We'll probably use that excuse for a few more things.

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Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking about Papa Haydn's a few days ago!