Thursday, April 05, 2007


One of the deals about the exchange is that you have to cough up critiques for the books you do get. And I like critiques to be real critiques, and not just a description of the work at hand, which always makes it a little hard and awkward, especially if you don't know the people and don't know how tender their feelings might be. I myself have pretty thick skin, and I'd just rather people give it to me straight, but I know not everyone's like that.

So the upshot is that these critiques take a while. Took me about 3 hours to do 2 this afternoon and evening. I have a 3rd one that I'll need to do, once the book arrives.

I finally finished making the 2nd set of boxes for Calypso, hopefully these won't fade! I'll be glad to get them all wrapped up, I'm starting to get confused on which ones were the 'good ones' to go into each of the 2 editions.

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