Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Layers of meaning

Got a note first thing in the morning from Alice saying, "Did you see you got mentioned in the layersofmeaning blog? Now you're going to get a ton of hits!" Of course, I've been updating my web site since last night, and kind of doing a slow job at it. So I sped up. Didn't do what I had originally intended to do (to change the format a bit), I just used the same format and added the page for Calypso.

Here's the layersofmeaning blog, about the gocco. And the thing that got her started was the choc sauce on crepes thing by Gretchin!

And here's the Calypso page.

Stopped over at Linda's to pick up the book Shu-mei wanted, and spent the afternoon noodling on the web site. The movie tonight was Blades of Glory, my first Will Farrell movie. The sillier moments were the highlights.

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