Sunday, April 08, 2007

From rags to rags

I'm picky about my rags. They can't be too big, too small, too thick, or too fuzzy, especially the ones I use in the studio. Who wants a fuzzy rag in the studio? And for cleaning, who wants to trail a too-large-a-rag while wiping down a table or counter? So after finally tossing out my last two favorite studio rags this last week, it was time to make more.

Old t-shirts are preferred, and Mike always has holey t-shirts to donate. In fact, he donated two a few months back, so I had those waiting in the wings. And this time, I put little loops in them so they can be hung up. What innovation! I guess that's my studio accomplishment for today.

Oooh, and we bought the wood for the raised vegetable bed this afternoon. Some 4x4's for posts, and some 2x6's for sides. Untreated cedar. And that'd be our garden accomplishment today. Actually, today was full of chores like that -- post office, Home Depot, sewing, etc, plus all the regular Sunday chores.

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