Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When a tree falls on a house...

OK, the tree hasn't fallen yet, but it's not looking good. It's a huge cottonwood across the street in the neighbor's lot. When I got home from my walk this morning, I noticed that it was leaning quite a bit into the street (towards our house). Then I saw that it was slowly uprooting itself. It's been pretty wet, so I guess that's what happened. If it comes down, that will be the end of my quince tree, grapevine, peach tree, Japanese maple, probably the white pine, and a smattering of bushes, roses, and perennials. Left a message on the neighbor's phone, and they called someone when they got home. Now we'll see if this someone will beat nature in bringing the tree down.

And something else is coming to an end -- we've been doing these monthly dimsum lunches for maybe about 20 years now, and lately, the attendance has been dwindling. We're thinking we'll switch to an irregular schedule (flash mob dimsum, anyone?).

Dropped of my entry for the Road Show Oregon/Minnesota exchange exhibit this afternoon. Swung by at Terrie's to help her pick out the pieces for the May show, and worked on Margaret's web site some more. It will be finished pretty quickly, she had it so well organized. I did have to fuss with the images some, and if this job takes more than 12-15 hours it will most likely be because the images needed some work. Some of the images were off quite a bit in color, and some of the background felt needed some 'digital ironing.'

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