Monday, March 12, 2007

Admin day

The shadow book exchange is more or less finished at this point. Boxes of books went out for Ann, Sibyl, and Shane today. Lisa and I decided to wait for Robyn's books, so I still have that to deal with. Since only Lisa and I are waiting for Robyn, it's turned out to be a bit more complicated, with everyone except Robyn putting in 3 books (and getting 3 back), and Robyn putting in 2 books (and getting 2 back). Since she'll be getting one of mine and one of Lisa's, and Lisa and I will each get one of hers, it became more restrictive as to who will get what, and I couldn't manage to get one of the books I wanted. Well, I suppose if I spend enough time trying to figure out how to arrange it, I could've made it work, but I didn't have that much time.

And finally filled out my application for Portland Open Studios, which is now completely online. Still need to upload the images though. Next – deal with the Focus on Books exhibit and the Bainbridge Island exhibit.

Ordered the books that Suzy recommended for Tibetan Buddhist art. I might be entering into an apprenticeship for thangka restoration and conservation! I'm still a little undecided on that. On the one hand, a) it will be a very cool thing to learn about and b) it can become an income source, if I prove to be any good. However, a) it is a distraction from my main interests (Islamic art, miniatures) and b) it looks to be a 6 months - 2 year commitment (depending on how much time/week I can spend on it). If she did Persian miniature restoration, I would've jumped in head, belly, and feet first already. But as it stands, I'm a bit on the fence.

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