Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A glorious day for yard work

Spent most of the afternoon working in the yard, cleaning up the winter debris and pruning the roses (I know, it's a bit late for that). Filled up my yard debris can in no time at all. It's looking better, but of course we know what an endless supply of work the garden is. I meant to take a picture of the Viburnum Bodnantense which has been blooming continuously since October (that's 4 months now). Will try to remember tomorrow.

All that weight training has paid off. I'm not achy and stiff after my day in the yard. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. Although, I never got my typical 'gocco back' from goccoing daily for almost 2 weeks, several hours a day, either.

Tomorrow -- goccoing the Chinese new year card (yes, I'm late on that front, too).

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