Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another relaxing day

The trouble with taking a bit of time off is that it's deucedly hard to get back to work. And now that I've spent a bit of time in the garden, my mind's on all that I want to do in the garden and not so much on my next painting project, and I do have a project in mind that I need to be thinking about. And I need to finish my edition of Calypso. And anyhow, the ground is still a bit too wet for me to do much yet; I dug around a bit the last 2 days but it's still too muddy for planting, although I can set some rocks and concrete for paths.

Roslyn's group, The Tualatin Twelve, had their annual art show and sale today, so I went and visited with her. (Despite the name, there was no gun play.) Her work was definitely the best of the group. I bought a few of her cards (reproductions of her watercolors).

Spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up and decluttering. I talked to Sa'ad about coming to a potluck with a few of our friends to give a personal perspective about what's going on in Iraq, so I definitely need to clean house for that. I didn't get into the studio to work on the edition of Calypso, as I had planned for today, but I did do the write-up for the gocco class Laura wants me to teach in May, so I accomplished something. I must get a few more books finished tomorrow morning though, I'm off to the photographers at 3:30pm to get them photographed.

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