Sunday, March 25, 2007

Taxes, day II

...and a couple of pictures. I decided to have Calypso professionally photographed because of the reflective surface, and also how long the book is. I met with the photographer, Aaron Johanson, last Monday and got the CD's back last Wed, but only got around to looking at them today. Here are a couple of the pictures.

The cover is white ink printed over clear plexi. What you can read of the title is the shadow cast by the title printed in white. The plexi is attached to the textblock, which is BFK white, with gel medium.

The middle few pages of the accordion front. The large texts read Acquire/Acquiesce and Time/Tarnish.

Met with Andrew for coffee and catching up today, and got some really good feed back on both the apron project and the vanity project.

Wrapped up my part of the 2006 taxes...amazing, it's not even April yet.

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