Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wrapping up loose ends

Put issue #21 of Pudding in the mail today, then came home to finish Calypso -- finished sanding all the back plexi covers and roughened the last pages. Discovered that the boxes I had already made have already faded, having sat by the window for the last week or so, and we've been getting a bit of sunshine. I wondered about using poster board for the boxes, and so now I know. I'll need to remake all the boxes, including those that I've already sent off on the exchanges. I made one this afternoon with the Stonehenge Gray, and that seems to be a good weight, so I'll stick with that. I guess that's my weekend project, along with updating the web site, and de-installing the book show at PAN.

Put together a CD with a few images that Lee asked for, for the Maryhill museum exhibit. Went to the USPS web site to figure my postage for the CD, and discovered that they're having a 'vote for your favorite star wars stamp' thing going on. Naturally, I voted for Han Solo. Hey, you can even vote once a day, if you so desire. Click to cast your vote.

I noticed today that I missed a few dandelions, so I'll take care of those tomorrow. I'll need to save a few of the leaves, for my next painting project.

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