Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tacoma Biennial (or, 41 artists)

This was the big field trip to Tacoma today, to see the biennial and go to the panel talks. Left the house at 8:45am and got home after 7pm. And we didn't really have enough time to see the biennial itself! By the time I picked up the rest of the gang in N. Portland and we arrived at Tacoma, it was time for lunch. The talk was at 1pm, so we only had 20 minutes to see the exhibit itself. There were 3 speakers for the 1st part, talking about regionalism/globalism, then it was a panel discussion with writers and critics of the region. It was interesting at times and pretty sleep inducing at times. 41 artists were in the show (chosen from amost 900 applicants). I really do wish we had more time.

It absolutely poured on the way back, just buckets. My knees are pretty sore from sitting most of the day (I drove both ways) and not getting to move around much.

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