Thursday, March 08, 2007

Customer service

Called the Beaverton Art Media today and asked if they carried Arches Cover Gray. And indeed, they didn't. However, he followed up with "but we have Stonehenge Gray." Now that's much better customer service. Went in to pick some up, but the gray turned out to be more like taupe, but I bought a sheet to try anyhow. Also picked up a couple of sheets of gray poster board at Paper Zone, to see how that would work.

At the critique tonight, the feed back I got was that a nicer package would be better. So we talked about my earlier idea, which I had abandoned, of making some kind of an evening bag as a container, and people liked that much better. So I'll have to revisit that. In general though, everyone seemed to like the book; they also thought my $200 price was too low. So I'll have to rethink that again. For sure it's too low if it comes with the evening bag, but maybe it's too low even if I only had a simple box.

Although now that I'm thinking about it again, I'm remember why I abandoned the evening bag idea -- I was afraid that in the act of shelving or removing the book, the fabric would rub against the plexi and the gocco printed title, and that would eventually scratch off the lettering.

Alex had the idea of having a plexi box made. And maybe that's an option, if I go with a colored plexi rather than the clear plexi. Not sure how much that would cost.

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