Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yesterday's bright idea

Lots of pictures today.

This was from a couple of days ago when I was painting the back with the eye shadow. I mixed a few different shades of shadows together to create this purply brown, which I pulverized. I mixed it with some egg medium, and decided that it was still too dense, so I've just added more medium to thin it a bit. You can see the eggy mix in the middle there.

I had known all along what I wanted the text on the back side to say, but I had figured that I'd write it in graphite and then smudge it. The 'bright' idea yesterday was that I should really gocco print the last word, 'beautiful'. It is also the first word in the book, and I like the symmetry. I used the same screen that was used to print the first page, which I had not really cleaned very well, but that was ok, because I wanted a splotchy kind of a look. Well, it actually printed better/cleaner than I was anticipating, but I did get some of the splotchy effect I was after. After I printed the word 'beautiful,' handwriting the rest of the words in graphite just didn't work (I tried). So I ended up using the gocco ink and a brush, and smudging those. Here they are, on the drying rack.

And on the bed.

So here are the first and last pages:

A couple of potted plants in my studio. The Cylamen has been blooming beautifully for over a week now.

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