Monday, March 26, 2007

Oils, acrylics, eye shadows, oh my!

Got started working on Pudding issue 21 today.

I decided to have a little fun with this issue. People are always asking about alternative inks and such, so here I'm trying a few different things. There are 6 rows of graphics+text, and from the top:

- Van Gogh oil paint mixed with dry pigment
- Same as above, but with baby oil mixed in
- Golden acrylic paint, straight from the tube
- Same as above, but with retardant mixed in
- Gocco white ink mixed with purple eye shadow
- Same as above, but with baby oil mixed in

The acrylic made a giant mess, of course. It's very runny, and dries pretty quickly, even in our current weather condition -- in the mid 40's and raining, and I had the windows open while I was printing. However, it did not dry as quickly as I figured, even the straight acrylic.

Mostly, the 2 biggest problems:

1) I kept on running out of the acrylic and would have to refill.
2) Because the acrylic is so loose and the oils so stiff, they really require different pressures and hold times to print well, but since I've got them on the same screen, they're all printed with the same minimum amount of pressure and hold time to accommodate the acrylic.

In this test, the Van Gogh oil paint did not print very well, but I suspect that it will do much better given the right pressure and hold time. The gocco ink + eye shadow + baby oil printed very well, except when I started to run out of the ink mixture.

Below, the one on the left was the 3rd print; the right was about the 40th print.

And this, the one on the left was about the 90th print; the right was about the 140th.

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