Friday, March 16, 2007

Appyhay ewnay earyay ofay ethay igpay!

Finished goccoing the Chinese New Year card this morning, mowed the lawn, went to the weight room, raked the lawn, and turned 2 composts (not tiny composts either, each was about 3'x3'x3'), and I'm Not Oy (TM)! It must be more of that Magic of Weight Training. My knees are a bit stiff though, don't know if there's anything I can do about that.

I think pretty much anyone reading this is already on my mailing list to get a new year card. But if you're not, or if you're not sure, and you'd like to get one, email me.

Saw an out of cycle movie tonight, 300. What a horrible movie. I was ready for some silly mindless entertainment, but this was bad beyond my expectations. I almost suggested that we leave part way through. It's even worse than The Curse of the Golden Flower...I think that movie had just a tiny bit of a plot, which is a great deal more than this one did.

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