Monday, March 12, 2007

The first 5 boxed up and ready to go

Another day with lots of pictures. This was really from last Thursday, when the critique group met. I picked up the paper 'nest/skull' from our previous meeting. My intention was to make an origami ball and inflate it after I insert it though one of the openings. I wanted the ball to be big enough so that it can freely rattle around in the nest but not fall out. Well, after many attempts, I couldn't remember how to make a ball, so there's a cube in there instead. And the openings were really larger than I figured (partly because the paper nest/skull is pretty flexible), so I had to secure the cube. I also stitched up the largest opening. The cube is made from dyed tyvek; the 'threads' I used to sew up the opening were just thin strips of tyvek as well.

Okay! The first 5 signed and numbered copies of Calypso, in their little containers. Two of these are copies for myself and three are going to the exchange. I not going to worry about printing the titles on the spine for these; they're going out as they are.

The front cover. You can sort of make out that the title is casting a shadow.

The book opened up, the front view. The back cover is deliberately marked up, scuffed up, and the paper worn on the edges; you can't really tell from the photo though.

The back of the book.

I hope to take real pictures of the book later this week.

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