Friday, March 23, 2007

A project idea

Spent a couple of days in Bend (went over yesterday and came home this evening). The potstickers were a big hit, at least with the care-giver, but I think my mom liked them as well. It's not always easy to tell, but she did eat a lot of them, so that was a good sign. She continues to sit in front of her pile of fabrics and talk about making aprons out of them, as she has done for months now. I don't think she'll ever get up enough spirit to actually make them, but just talking about the possibility seems to keep her occupied.

On my way back, I thought about making prints about the unmade aprons, the possibilities of making things, and why we get fixated about particular things, and then it occurred to me that I should take my gocco stuff over and she and I can make prints together! I think she would get a kick out of that.

Sewing (with a sewing machine) is really a solitary activity -- all the machine noise it would be hard to chitchat -- although I suppose cutting out the patterns can be done as a group activity. But gocco! That can definitely be done as a group/social activity. I would have to spend more than just a day or two over there, probably more like 3 or 4 days in order to plan and edition a print with her. She talked about perhaps writing down stories of her life, something that I doubt she would ever actually do, but I think the two of us can maybe make prints based on the stories of her life. I still need to think this through, but I'll call it the apron project for now. Not sure that I'd be able to have this and the vanity project going at the same time, and do the thangka thing with Suzy.

Spent the evening putting together the materials for the RACC Portable Works Purchase deadline. I hadn't kept up with reading the RACC newsletter and didn't find out about it until Rake called. Due tomorrow.

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