Friday, March 02, 2007

Coloring with eye shadows

Ok, I've advanced to the last to final stage -- coloring with graphite and eye shadows. Actually, I'm not sure if this particular color was eye shadow or not. It's part of a huge package of all kinds of colors, and the woman who gave it to me said she used it as eye shadows at times. But it's magenta. I mixed an egg medium, and the colors are staying unless you rub it really hard, which is perfect. I do want it to smear and smudge a bit over time. I tried just applying the eye shadow directly, but that was smearing too easily.

This is a mockup of what I'm planning to do, with some modifications and variations:

Here's the lot of them, with this one particular page done and laid out to dry:

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Sundry said...

Very exciting! I want to see it up close!