Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beet! No, chard!

My Kurdish neighbor and I were talking about my raised vegetable bed this afternoon. She said that they noticed that I was growing beets. "Beets?" I said. "Yeah, in your garden." "Beets?"

She must've thought I was pretty weird all right, now knowing that I was growing beets. Finally, I decided she must be talking about the chard. I had her come over to take a look. "Yeah, beets!" "No, chard."

"So how do you prepare your beets?"

"Um, I cook my beets in the pressure cooker; but with my chard, I just saute it up with a little oil and salt."

"You know, none of my beets came up this year. Where did you get yours?"

"Well, I got my chard as starts from the nursery."

I cut some chard for her to take home. Hopefully, when they cook it up and eat it tonight, they'll say, "ah, not beets!"

When I was telling Mike the story later, he thought I was going to say, " I went over and pulled up one of the plants, and whadyaknow! It was a beet!"

So lets see, on the work front -- scrubbed the deck, so it's no longer a danger to all; cut the paper and fabric for the Atkinson Elementary event tomorrow (took a bit longer than I anticipated, but doesn't everything?); worked on more web site stuff, and more mailing list stuff (turned out to be a bigger headache than I anticipated, but isn't everything?).

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Michael5000 said...

She's only a little crazy: "Both beets and Swiss chard are different varieties within the same plant family (Chenopodiaceae) and their edible leaves share a resemblance in both taste and texture." (