Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Orhan Pamuk in Portland!

But business first -- picked up more matboards and some food for the weekend, and started to put the cards together. I always forget how long it takes to print the cards, so I didn't get very far today. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow in between matting and cleaning up the studio.

Then the evening was the highlight of the week, or maybe the month -- Orhan Pamuk is the speaker for the Literary Arts lecture tonight. He's an excellent speaker! You can't always tell with wonderful writers, sometimes they don't turn out to be great speakers, but he's a wonderful speaker, very open about his art and very good about answering questions. Although I was a little surprised that he objected to too many political questions. I hadn't caught on that the name of his newest book 'Other Colors' was a joke about how so many of his titles contain colors. I always did wonder about that, and apparently he gets asked about that a lot. So this new book is called 'Other Colors'; now I guess he can't be naming any more books with colors because he's already covered them all now.

Apparently Snow is his most popular book in the US, but my favorite, My Name is Red, is his most popular book in England. I just bought Istanbul but haven't cracked it open yet.

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