Monday, October 29, 2007

The last batch of tests

I was pretty out of it today. Having trouble with all kinds of things, including forgetting to get the milano cookies as test foods and had to go back for least I remembered just before I walked out of the store. After finally deciding I should get some coffee, I brought it back to the car and dumped it head first into the cup holder. It was unintentional -- it slipped out of my hand -- but it made a big mess none the less. But hallelujah, I survived the day.

So I mixed the ketchup and nutella. Another tasty combination. Printed on the cutting board nicely, but it doesn't look very red.

But the cheese slices (havarti and provolone) continue to resist. The pear slices didn't work nearly as nicely as the apple slices either.

Then I cleaned up the kitchen.

Then I turned around and saw the milano cookies sitting on the counter, unopened. The cookies that I had to go back to get...

So another batch of ketchup+nutella. And here are the results. Not too bad, but the cookies are not flat, they have this intentional 'drip' built into the cookie surface, I guess to make them look hand formed or something. So it's hard to get a good impression around that bump.

And naturally, I got the wrong kind of milanos. I meant to get the new half black half white ones, but instead I got the raspberry fillings.

I got started on the piece I'm doing for the Portland Art Center fundraiser. Picture tomorrow, in better light.


gl. said...

i had all these ideas today. where were they last week, when you could have tested them out?

1. powdered sugar/icing w/ food coloring to get an opaque color. maybe oil would help it be viscous enough to push through the screen?

2. mayonaisse w/ yellow mustard or cumin or paprika

i keep thinking of people who are goccoing onto cookies. what are they using?

my plastic (?) counter took terrific impressions, too. so non-absorbent isn't the issue. it must be the oil...?

ach. sleep well! it sounds like you need it!

fingerstothebone said...

I did buy a jar of mayo, so I'll bring that tonight. I looked at my jars of paprika and cumin, and they might be too large to go through the 200 mesh. I'll bring those too and we can try.

I tried cake icing last year, and it didn't work at all. But different brands might be different too. Also, I didn't play with it a lot, ie, I didn't try adding different things to it. Pudding worked though.

You don't think they're just using choc. sauce of some kind for the cookies?

My counter stains really easily from coffee and tea; I think maybe the protective surface wears off after a while, leaving it somewhat 'porous'?

gl. said...

ooo, pudding! i hope you're bringing some of that! :)

i thought i had seen blue printing on white icing somewhere, but now i can't find an example. why don't more people write about these things? ;)

Sundry said...

The cookies look great!