Sunday, October 14, 2007

A weird tale from the garden

I had a mugo pine die on me this last summer. I did not think it was possible to kill mugo pines, but I was wrong. So it had been sitting there, all brown and dried up, between the lilac and the rhodie. And since Monday is yard debris day, I decided to take the opportunity to dig it up and dump it in the yard debris can.

Well, I started digging, and digging, and digging, and surprise of all surprises, it turned out to not be a dead mugo pine after all.

Instead, I dug up the Troll Bride With One Eye in the Front and One Eye in the Back! (But she goes by Troll Bride for short.)

Apparently, on her wedding day, the Troll Bride and the Troll Groom did not invite the Wicked Witch because, well, she was wicked and they didn't like her.

The Wicked Witch being wicked, showed up at their wedding, cursed them, and voila, they turned heads first down a couple of big, black plastic pots. The last thing the Troll Bride remembers was the Wicked Witch's wicked laugh as she cackled "only a very strange gardener will come along and discover your true identity, and they only come along once in a loooong, loooong while...hahahahahah..."

It's a sad tale, and she doesn't even know where her Troll Groom is.

So here's the Troll Bride restored to her old glorious self, all dolled up for her wedding day.

And a close-up. (Yeah, the other eye is in the back. And that's her Bride's Maid, the Woodpecker.)

So, if you happen to find the Troll Groom, do let us know!


Michael5000 said...

That's a very surprising story. My best to the Troll Bride. I hope she finds her fella.

gl. said...

i -love- this story.

mulysa said...

Might have seen troll groom on the coast- maybe it was near Indian Head? He looked washed up..

fingerstothebone said...

That's 'washed up' and not 'all washed up,' right? That's exciting news, I'll let the troll bride know!