Sunday, October 21, 2007

Portland Open Studios, day 2

The weather was perfect today, dry but not so wonderful that everyone went to the coast or went hiking. There was a ton of traffic, I bet there were 200+ people here. I started the morning with a Gocco demo at around 10:20am or so, demo'ed again and again until 12:45pm when I started to eat my slice of pizza for lunch.

By 4pm, I was not even 1/2 way through my slice of pizza. And it went on like that until 5pm.

My helper this year was Jeremy, my gallery director at Rake Art, who very generously helped me out both days. Yesterday in the morning, he was being asked if he was my husband. But by the time the afternoon rolled around, and I had done what felt like 100 Gocco demo's, he was being asked if he was my son!

So that's what doing Gocco demo's will do to you. (He's 12 years younger than I am. He would've made a very glamorous husband for sure (a dark handsome younger guy and all), but I'm definitely not ready for a son who's only 12 years younger than I am!)

Oh yeah, the credit card machine got a lot of exercise!

Oh oh yeah, Rob Walker, the columnist who writes the Consumed column for the NYT and wrote the Cult of Gocco, put in a link for me on his blog. Yay, Rob!

Oh oh oh yeah, having Doug, my neighbor across the street, participate in Portland Open Studios this year definitely made a difference in how much traffic we each had. Then Erin, an abstract painter who lives just down the street, came by today and sounded really interested in it too for next year. So if all 3 of us get in next year, we'll rock!

Oh oh oh oh yeah? Hmmm, I'm not sure there's any more...

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gl. said...

yay! glad it was such a successful day for you! it was great to see the downstairs this time, too. trixie, sven & i thank you again for the print!