Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The money day

I discovered today that the credit union had put my hard earned money from Portland Open Studios weekend into someone else's account! Isn't that special. Well, at least they took care of it pretty quickly. Then it was picking up money from Jeremy for the sale of the 2 violin pieces back in the summer (the buyer only just now paid up), and also giving Jeremy his money for helping me during Portland Open Studios (I pay my help during those weekends). What was funny was that I gave him just a little more (rounded up), and he gave me just a little more, and we pretty much cancelled each other out.

Packed and shipped off the books for the Bainbridge Island book show; packed up the different states of the Trixie print for Marcy, who's doing a display for Print Arts Northwest. Started to pull together some testimonial entries for the Portland Open Studios blog. Debra Carus responded very quickly and with a very positive note, so that's up as the first testimonial entry.

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