Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More junk than you can shake a stick at!

This photo is deceiving. If you think this does not look like work, you'd be wrong. I'm sacrificing myself at the altar of science. The science of Gocco, that is. I went places where I had never been before (it's true!) to find this treasure trove of things that I shall make Gocco-ready and then stick in my Print Gocco! All in the name of science.

And alas, after my remark about our weekly randomly selected movie, this week's movie was not randomly selected! It was The Jane Austen Book Club. It had been very unlucky -- on the list since its debut but never a bride. And I really wanted to see it before it left town. So that was the non-randomly selected movie tonight. I thought it was very sweet and romantic, and of course Maria Bello is just heart-poundingly beautiful as always, so of course she gets the guy...sigh...

(And yes, Mike thought it was boring, which it probably was, in reality.)


gl. said...

i'm so looking forward to this class! i just bought some tortillas (i know, how boring!) and am thinking thoughts of curry. can you gocco w/ powder? i plan to make crepes to bring in, too. but i'm feeling uninspired about flat (noncrunchy) surfaces.

btw, i think i recognize that jar of pap haydn's chocolate sauce. it's delicious, but i had no luck with that AT ALL. :)

fingerstothebone said...

Hey, I know enamel artists use the gocco and I believe it's a powder. You don't press it through though. I think you hold the screen over the item, and just rub the powder through the mesh. The powder has to be pretty fine to go through...or hey, use the 70mesh screen.

Too bad about the Papa Haydn's sauce...did you do anything to it? Well, at least it's good to eat.

gl. said...

even when i mixed the papa hayden's sauce w/ milk, i couldn't get any of it through the screen. fwiw, it does have the highest proportion of actual chocolate compared to any other sauce on the shelf, so maybe particle size has something to do with it?

also, i was at the iprc today: they need one more person for that class to run. is anyone on your list undecided? i don't know anyone w/ prior gocco experience i can tap.

fingerstothebone said...

Hmm, this would then mean that the Hersheys' might work best, having probably the least amount of actual chocolate? We'll see; I got a bottle of that to try too.

I'll post a thing on the gocco-printers list to see if anyone is still thinking about the class. Thanks for letting me know!

gl. said...

yep, i found hershey's to be the best option. but the particle-size theory hasn't been scientifically tested and i have no idea if it's really true. :)