Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weeding, matting, & mounting

Weeding first...

So this is the part of the yard that I was working on yesterday and continued to work on today. Where there are paving 'stones' now were covered in weeds and 1 dead daphne. A couple of the pavers (concrete chunks) and the manhole cover were already in place, but the rest were added yesterday. Where the Japanese anemone (the pale pink almost white flowers) is now was where the dead daphne was. That poor daphne was moved 3 times before it finally decided it had had enough.

And seen from the other side:

And here's my stash of concrete chunks and rocks, ready for me to use at a moment's notice. But of course this pile has sat there unchanged for the last 2 years. I think I'll at least move them over onto the dirt so I can clean up the driveway. Tomorrow. Notice how so many things are 'tomorrow?'

Then spent over 8 hours cutting mats, matting & mounting prints, writing up labels for the print series, packaging things up. And also made more changes to the web site. Little changes, a little bit here and there as I think of them.

Oh hey, I got to try my credit card gizmo today. The neighbor bought a Portland Open Studios tour guide, and I took the payment with the debit card.

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