Friday, October 05, 2007

Q3 quarterly report

OK, this last quarter, I was a good girl and put in 416.75 hours either working in the studio, teaching, or tending to the business of being an artist. That works out to be slightly over 32 hours a week (counting 13 weeks). Better than Q2, which averaged out to be slightly less than 30. I'm happy with that.

So, the Steens are behind us, and I'm back to running around, some necessary...and some not, if I had only read the instructions first!

I'm gocco printing with the kids at Atkinson Elementary school this coming Saturday, so I went off in search of paper and fabric for that project. I also got paper for myself for cards for Open Studios, and also test fabric for the pillow books I'm making for the Tennessee show. So that was the necessary and well and good running around part.

For the unnecessary running around part -- I finally submitted my exhibition proposal this afternoon, only to find out that they do not take email submissions! This being almost a whole week late already, I decided to drive over to drop off the hard copies, right during evening commute time. They're totally bending over backwards to accept my late submission, so that is so greatly appreciated!

Uploaded fingerstothebone to its new home, and Mike and I worked on setting up the mailing list on our home computer. His part all seems to be working, and now I need to get my part to work -- as it turns out, when you select Mail Content of This Page from Safari, it does not bundle up everything and put it in the email; it just makes links. But I should be able to get that working shortly...

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gl. said...

so i've been meaning to ask: where did you eventually end up hosting your site?