Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shipping matted prints

Getting flat boxes of a specific size isn't so easy, as it turns out. I managed to get an assortment today from Utrech's, Art Media, and Pearl Framing, mostly boxes that papers and sheets of glass are shipped in. I needed something slightly bigger than 16"x20", and all I could get were 30"x40".

Anyhow, due to the shoutout from L&TM5K, one of his many readers surfed to my web site, checked out the new The Store page, and bought a print! The Mysterious Gift Horse! So a flat box was suddenly necessary. (I'm not complaining, you of the many M5K's, but you're the Real Thang, we know that.)

With a box cutter and enough packing tape, you could make a box of any size, probably. So I was able to pack up the print in a more or less appropriately sized box. And it looks pretty darn sturdy too.

Most of the day was spent in town. First, there was the "jury duty" at Print Arts (to jury in new members), then it was off to get tickets for the Marchel Khalife concert, which is almost sold out, so I was glad to be able to get the tickets. In between, I ran an errand for Print Arts, and went around looking for boxes.

And the day is done, just like that.


dmc said...

Dear fingerstothebone,

You can order a number of different box types for standard print size archival applications at You might find them a little pricey for shipping purposes, however.


fingerstothebone said...

Surely you know that I wouldn't spend money to buy something (what's the satisfaction in that?) if I can make it out of some discarded thing? (Making a conjugal visit to Conn, eh?)

Yours in Frugality,