Monday, October 22, 2007

Day of Recovery

Not a whole lot was accomplished today. I started to take down some of the Portland Open Studios stuff, especially the areas where it really impacted our normal living, like the dining room table and the kitchen counter. Here are a few photos from the weekend:

Gocco demos:

A new 'innovation' this year -- additional lights. The sky is always gray during Portland Open Studios, and the house gets so dark. Every year, I think I should do something about it, and this year, I actually did. It all looks very temporary, which is fine, since it is temporary. I have these cheap little wood frames hanging around for a variety of purposes, and I thought they'd be perfect for this function. They're just hung on picture hangers, with shop lights clamped on them. They worked out really well.

Here's a shot of one of the walls, hung with the recent moths & dandelion paintings.

And a late night news flash! I'm Ms. Runner Up for DorkFest '07! I think I won extra credits for trying to appropriate Mike's dorkiness for my own, for trashing other contestants, and for talking about my cat in TWO entries. But, I'll let the judge speak for himself here:

"The second dorkiest L&TM5K reader in all of DorkFest '07 can check the her database of hours and tell you exactly when, on any day of her life, she was sorting her CDs by region, grooving with the editorial board of the New York Times, or brushing her cat's teeth. It's not the greatest distinction she's had this week -- more on that soon -- but I'm sure that, with her NDS of 37.417, fingerstothebone will be happy to be the Vice Dork of DorkFest '07!!!"

Yay! I almost won! Well, this definitely qualifies for the 'exciting stuff' category.


Michael5000 said...

Oh, it's definitely 'exciting stuff.' By the way, you may have to take over if the #1 Dork has to leave office. Also, you might have to represent her at state funerals.

Gave you a shoutout in tonight's post; hope it's OK....

gl. said...

your light solution: clipping them to frames: brilliant! congrats on your well-deserved dorkfest designation. :)

fingerstothebone said...

michael5000 & gl: I just remembered some very important evidence of my dorkhood -- the weekly randomly selected movie! Oh phooey, I guess I'll save that for '08.

Yeah, I quite thought the light solution was brilliant too!