Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nutella with balsamic vinegar, peanut butter with soy sauce

The experiments continued today.

I remembered that I had bought the Nutella and hadn't tried it yet, so I mixed that with balsamic vinegar. Now THAT tastes pretty good! Sweet and sour and chocolaty. I printed that on some apple slices, more fig newtons, a slab of tofu, a slice of havarti, more turkey lunch meat, and some pancakes.

And took some pictures.

Then I ate half of the experiments. Then I realized that I forgot to put in the media card again! I can't believe the camera lets me take pictures without the media card!

So here's a picture of the uneaten experiments. The apple slices were really pretty, with the red peel around the slice.

A shot from the side (no reflections off the fig newtons):

So far, the only thing where I could taste the food that I'm printing with (not printing on) was the nutella with balsamic on the apple slices. Everything else, the printing has not been detectable to me.

Of the already eaten items: the tofu printed very lightly, as did the havarti. The lunch meat printed well, as expected. I did not mix up the peanut butter with soy, but since I already tried the peanut butter with vinegar and know that that works, I'm sure the pb and soy sauce would work too. And I know that tastes good since I use variations of that theme in regular cooking, although with chunky pb, not Skippy.

I forgot to try the pita bread, and also the eggplant, which I think would work really well, being so absorbent.

The Randomly Selected Movie tonight was Into the Wild. Way too long, and way too many scenes of him running in the desert, the woods, the whatevers, with joy. And the 3rd shower scene was definitely unnecessary. Interesting guy, but not a very good movie.

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Michael5000 said...

"Then I ate half of the experiments" is still cracking me up....