Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No. 2 Experimental Gocco print, day 5 & 6

These first 2 pictures were from yesterday. I knew before we went to the Steens that I was going to add 'big cabbage rose' to the print. So here I've cut out 'big cabbage'...

And printed both in 2 different colors with the same press:

When I first started this print, I wanted it to be about Portland, and also about words. After Theresa made the wonderful connection between the horse print and the toy horses hitched to the sidewalks, I wanted this print to also be about some unique aspect of Portland. But I didn't want it to be about books. Not that books aren't wonderful, they are, but books+Portland is way over done already. I wanted to it to be something quirkier.

I thought about it and thought about it and came up empty handed (or is that empty headed?). But as I was printing 'big cabbage', it suddenly dawned on me, and it was so obvious, I thought, duh, I shoulda thought of this earlier, as in waaaay earlier.

So here's the print, with the last 3 layers on there already, and it's about Trixie, the Poetry Car!

Trixie is a light blue car (in real life), and it's on there on the bottom left (not in real life, in the print). It's a little hard to see in this image, but a better shot will be coming up sometime later this week. And I might decide to print it again tomorrow with a darker ink; we'll see what it looks like tomorrow in good light.

What can be more unique and more about Portland than this!?

Oooh, and my costco boyfriend is gooood! I got notification from UPS today that they have a package ready to ship to me. It doesn't mean that it's on its way yet, but that it's ready to be on its way.

The movie tonight was Lust, Caution. Pretty intense movie, and the best Ang Lee movie to come along since Ice Storm. I thought Crouching Tiger was pretty bad, and Brokenback Mountain rather over-rated. Although it is awfully long, so don't go to the late showing if you've got to get up early the next day.


Michael5000 said...

Good call. Trixie deserves some meta-art.

gl. said...

my head is going to explode! i so totally didn't see that coming! trixie is honored and thrilled to be memorialized in one of your prints, shuju.

i'm amused at the "why didn't i think of that earlier" tag. i'll be curious to see what else falls under that tag. :)

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, Trixie deserves a print of her own!

I hope Trixie's mom's head doesn't really explode though.

fingerstothebone said...
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Anjali said...

A poetry car? A print in honour of a poetry car?! Neat-o! (sorry, that last bit wasn't terribly poetic, was it?...)

I am always completely amazed by your creativity - can't wait to see how this print evolves! You are inspiring me to crawl out of my current creative slump.

A long overdue card is eventually making its way to your side of the continent. Apologies for my tardiness...xo!

fingerstothebone said...

And the poetry car belongs to Gretchin, our assistant during the gocco class at OCAC.

I'm looking forward to your next gocco effort (and I trust the card will be gocco printed?)!

anjali said...

Uh oh. (*sheepish grin*) Busted by the prof. No Gocco print yet, but it's comin'- ummmm for Xmas? Really.