Sunday, March 16, 2008

4 topics in 4 hours gocco class at IPRC

Today was the debut of the 4 Topics in 4 Hours class which I had designed specifically for the space at IPRC. It's a small room, but they wanted to offer an advanced gocco class that covered a lot of different topics, and to do it in 4 hours. It took me a while to come up with this class structure, but I think it worked pretty well. We were pretty much on track throughout the afternoon, an hour a topic.

It also worked out well that the 'gocco printing on food' section was the last section — I got them to clean up before we started the food segment, and everyone was hungry by then, so we were pretty much eating everything as they came 'hot' off the press. And what didn't get eaten, we left for the good folks at IPRC.

We wrapped up just a little late, but that included the final clean up, so not too bad.

Oh yeah, we install the blinds tonight. We have this really wimpy electric screwdriver, so we had to do a lot of it by hand. I'm not sure about this was incredibly difficult to unlock and let down the slats; and now that it's down, it seems to be impossible to raise and lock it again. Instructions were bum too. They had us install a center bracket, "evenly spaced between the 2 end brackets", which we did. Then we put the blind in the brackets, only to discover that the middle bracket, right in the middle, was actually in the way of one of the cords. Bah! I did like the magnetic valance though, that was a good trick. At least now we don't have to worry about exposing the guests to our neighbors.

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gl. said...

hooray! i'm glad the class went so well! i feel like part of my job teaching basic gocco is to get them excited & confident enough about gocco so they register for your class. :) knowing what & how you teach helps me talk about what they'll get out of your class vs. the basic class.