Friday, March 21, 2008

Print Arts Northwest brown bag session

Print Arts has been running these brown bag sessions once a month, and I must admit that I'd not made it to them before. However, today's brown bag was being given by me! So I went.

When I got there, a videographer was setting up. Surprise! Yes, these sessions are taped! Which meant I really should've prepared. I had decided to just wing it since, well, I've given these demos a gazillion times. I also didn't prepare any art work, I just copied a page out of Guide to the Dissection of Domestic Ruminants, something I picked up a while ago for the animal anatomy drawings. These books are more fun than the clipart books for demos.

Well, I think it went ok. For the most part, I wasn't focused on the fact that there was a videographer there. Just a couple of times I suddenly remembered it.

Didn't get a whole lot else done after that. I decided to take the opportunity while I'm down at that part of town to check out a couple of furniture places. I'm still looking for a chest of drawers for the guest bedroom.


gl. said...

a video! i wish they'd put it on the website!

fingerstothebone said...

I think they're setting up some kind of a kiosk inside the gallery where people can watch these videos. It's going to be a long while before anything will be up though.