Sunday, March 30, 2008

A new day, a new love

Yesterday, the orange tabby; today, the castrato! Well, ok, the countertenor, but I bet 'castrato' got your attention.

Listen to Andreas Scholl sing Stabat Mater in D Minor here, written specifically for him. And he looks to be a real cutie patootie too. Actually, he looks somewhat like Joshua Bell, if slightly bulkier and not quite as boyish looking. I got my 'Best of...' CD yesterday and have been listening to it all night as I worked. I'm going to have to get a real stereo. And more of his CD's. (Yes, I'm belatedly discovering Scholl, not being a big fan of Baroque music, but I'm coming around!) Kathleen Battle, Deborah Voight, and Andreas Scholl!

[Speaking of Kathleen Battle (the Divine KB), anecdote time: the Good Prince and I got married almost exactly 17 years ago, on our way into work. The next day, we both went off on business trips, on different flights. Although we were going to the same conference, and we did end up staying at the same hotel. We had no plans for a 'honeymoon,' a concept that always struck me as a little silly. Anyhow, people at work gave us so much trouble over that that, a few months later, when I saw that KB was having her debut at Carnegie Hall, we decided to go. So after dinner at Carnegie Deli, we walked over to Carnegie Hall. And as always, I was walking in one direction and looking in another. I looked back in time, just as I was about to bump into someone. I did a double take, because that someone was the Divine KB herself! I let out a surprised 'oh!' She was just as surprised, and let out a giggle. That was my brush with greatness.]

Work wise, finally got Pudding #23 finished, stuffed in the envelopes, stamped and ready to go. Evidence:

It is a miracle!

On other fronts—prepared for my day at rsm tomorrow, and more Portland Open Studios stuff.


margaret said...

Hi Shu-Ju, On the topic of honeymoons: Never pass up a vacation no matter what it's called.

gl. said...

i suspect honeymoons are meant as a break after the grueling-ness of wedding planning. if you had a simple one, maybe it's not as necessary. personally, i'd rather take the money i'd spend on a ceremony and spend it in hawaii or norway. but i'm w/ margaret: never pass up an opportunity for vacation. :)

fingerstothebone said...

I guess I'm a work junkie! I've passed up some excellent vacation offers in my life (bad timing at work). I missed France and Turkey! Turkey, I regret, a great deal. But now I have a new angle -- my current crush Andreas Scholl is singing in Turkey in June. Hmmm....