Saturday, March 08, 2008

Make all the plans I want, but...

I had today's entry all mapped out in my head; it was going to be a 2 months review of the MiT project, plus a run down of the mockup options for the book for my Rock Star senior. But I am suddenly exhausted. So instead, I'll just mention the distractions of the day:

1. The Saturn died. Kaput. With no warning or anything. Yesterday, everything was just fine, and today, nada. The lights all still work, so that eliminates the obvious. The shop won't be able to look at it until Monday, so that pretty much screws up my schedule for early next week. I guess that means I'll have the time to focus on the book!

2. Alice needed her web site updated, and she only gave me a couple of weeks. Unlike Rebecca, who seems to have totally dived into updating her own web site after our lesson session and then picking up the Nutshell book, Alice still completely relies on me to do it. So I got about 1/2 of that done today.

Worked on mocking up the book a bit, and I think I can see that I'm not going down that road already, but I'll probably get it a bit more finished before I decide for sure.


Carol said...

I found your site via Amanda Watson-Will's and I'm really enjoying it. I worked with seniors years ago (now I've joined them) and I wish I'd thought of making books with them. I'll be really interested to follow this story. All the best, Carol in Sydney Australia

gl. said...

aw, man! not having a car always makes me feel helpless. :( hope it comes back soon!

fingerstothebone said...

Carol -- thank you for the note! Please join in on the conversation about the project anytime. I'm really happy to hear from people who have something to say on the subject.

gl -- I guess I'll find out on Monday when it's going to come home. Hopefully, it won't take too long; I have to say that if I'm to be without a car, this next week is not that bad a week to do it!