Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bit of this and bits of that

The big news, the new futon sofa bed arrived!

And the kitty has given her stamp of approval.

So now my guests will not have to sleep on the floor. However, looks like the window shades will not arrive until after they're gone, so we'll need to do something about that.

Otherwise, a scattered day. Wrapped up Alice's web site update. Filled out my Portland Open Studios application. And perhaps most importantly, started to work on the next issue of Pudding! This is 6 months late already. I keep thinking that I'll do a double issue, but I never got a good idea for the 2nd one. So I'm moving ahead with this next issue, which is testing the StencilPro HiRes product.

Already, the instructions are not that great. For exposure time, there's a table with different light sources and different opacity/transparency levels of the paper the artwork is on. But there are 2 times given for each, and no explanation as to what is what. I look on their web site, and there's a corresponding table, and with on 1 time given for each (an improvement), but it's different than either of the times given in the printed material. I've decided to go with the information on the web site.

I need to finish making an exposure frame, and rig up a washing tray (I don't want to use any food containers, naturally). So it might be Thursday before I actually do the printing.


gl. said...

great-looking futon. sven & i need to replace ours but we've been procrastinating: where did you find yours?

also: new pudding? yeah! last pudding? boo.

fingerstothebone said...

I got this at Cotton Cloud on NE Broadway. They had a pretty big selection, although I didn't shop around. I just remembered them from the last time I bought a futon (1988) and went back there. That's why advertisers are always aiming for the 20 just get too lazy to go somewhere else later in life.

If I EVER do get this issue of Pudding out, there will be 1 more after this. I just need to figure out what to do.