Thursday, March 13, 2008

MiT update

After my critique group meeting today, during which my CritqueGroupMates (?) suggested that if I want to spend more time with each of my seniors, I should call RACC (the grantor) and see what they say. Many other people have suggested the same, so I finally did just that, and they thought that was fine. So the deal is that I will work with 4 seniors in stead of 6, with the extra time and materials I would've spent on the other two seniors now to be distributed among the 4!

I feel so much better about that schedule. And now that I'm back in the car again, I'll be meeting with both senior #1 and #2 tomorrow.

I actually got a lot accomplished today, although it's also kind of scattered. There were many phone calls, many unrelated to art, but still needed to be done. And I started to prepare for the gocco class I'm teaching at iprc this Saturday—4 topics in 4 hours. I'm almost finished writing the class notes; I need to go shopping for some materials not covered by iprc, and pack. Then I'd be ready.

On my way home from the GBW meeting at Muddy Waters last night, I stopped in at Powells to pick up a book that people were talking about, but couldn't find it. But I did finally buy the Penland book on artist's books and also Alisa Golden's Expressive Handmade Books. Both are gorgeous. I've just part way through the cursory look at the Penland book and haven't opened up Alisa's book yet.

The advantage of having fixed up the upstairs spare bedroom—I can now use it as a comfy reading room! Before, I've already just sat at the dinning room table to read, which is not the most comfortable setup.

Oh, almost forgot the Random Movie. We actually saw it 2 nights ago, but I keep trying to forget it—10,000BC. I swear we were just there to see the saber tooth tiger! The ticket ripper grinned at us and said, "oh, gooood movie." We kind of figured that we were in trouble then. I tried to tell him that we were there just for the saber tooth tiger, he grinned some more! What did the NYT reviewer say..."sublimely ridiculous," or something like that.


Anonymous said...

I hope you got the agreement to your changes on the grant in writing!


fingerstothebone said...

It will be on email...

Michael5000 said...

And, how was the saber toothed tiger?

fingerstothebone said...

The kitty made two all too brief appearances, although I have to say that it didn't look so good. Its habitat also apparently ranged from lush tropical jungle to a rocky desert all within a couple hours' walk (by humans), but why quibble?

gl. said...

what a relief! i'm glad you took the advice. this will make the project better for you & for the seniors you want to spend more time with.