Sunday, March 02, 2008

MiT, 2nd senior, day 7

Today was a very fun day. After using existing images to form the basis for a print and then adding her words to them, my Rock Star senior is starting to branch out and creating original imagery to print. Last time, she brought in a watercolor that she had done in her drawing class, and that was a great success; today, she crocheted 2 little disks, wrote the accompanying text, and we printed that.

While we were printing, a group of Japanese women came through, touring the place. Not sure what it was about, but they knew all about the Print Gocco, of course! It was great fun to have them come in, all grinning upon seeing the gocco.

Got some more pruning done...I'm slowly getting the roses and barberries pruned. One or two more yard debris pickups and they will be done.

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gl. said...

i can only imagine how fun it was for the japanese women to unexpectedly encounter a gocco!

i gotta get goin' on the garden...