Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MiT, 1st senior, day 8, 2nd senior day 8

Usually I try to meet with them on separate days, but my Mercury couldn't meet tomorrow and wanted to do today instead, and I had already made my appt with my Rock Star for the same day. So today was the double whammy. It worked out ok, even though it got off to an inauspicious start.

Parking is always trouble at rsm. Most of the time, I have to unload the car and then go park somewhere else. There's a circular driveway where I can pull up and unload. When I got there today, all the lots were full, so I drove up to the driveway. Wouldn't you know it, the driveway was blocked by 1. a giant moving truck, 2. a big UPS truck, and 3. unfortunately, an ambulance.

So I back out of the driveway, only to see a very aggressive driver coming up behind me, trying to cut me off and zip into the parking lot (which I already knew was full, the joke's on him).

So I was late for the appt, which I hate—I fear that it adds to the confusion of the situation if my senior shows up at the appointed time and place and I'm not there. Fortunately for me, my senior was REALLY late.

So my 1st senior, who's been so focussed on getting a soft, subtle pale pink/blue sky decided to go bold today! She added more colors to a piece she already finished before, and when she started the new piece, she started putting on a lot of colors. As might be expected, the first time you try something different, you don't always like the results, and that was what happened. She asked me to throw it away. I'm thinking that I'll bring it back for our next session and she how she feels about it then.

My 2nd senior is striding along, of course, as she has done pretty much since our first meeting. We finished printing her last 2 prints today.

Now I think it's too bad that I committed to working with 6 people for this project. With my 2nd senior starting to create original imagery to use, and my 1st senior seemingly just now stepping out and becoming more experimental, I find myself needing to move on, if I am to get this done in time.

Both my 2nd senior and I were pretty sad that the printing has come to an end, and that it will be a couple of weeks before I meet with her again to show her a mockup and get her feedback. She has been a real delight.

As I was looking at my calendar today and seeing the next 4 days without a single appt (yippee), I was going through the list of things I could accomplish. I could do this, I could do that, I could do this and that.

And in the mist of all this planning, I suddenly got the urge to drive to the coast tomorrow.

Got my pillow books back from the Tennessee show today. Everything arrived in good condition. I meant to add these pictures from the show, but never got around to it. So here they are, now that the show's over.

On the wall, from left: show title, Alex Hirsh's silver point drawings, and Diane Jacobs's prints; on the floor, my pillows and Diane's hour glass piece:

On the wall, Diane's map of the world (made of hair, and there's a tiny crystal ball that hangs in front of the map where you can view the map right side up), and Anne Greenwood's fabric pieces:

Helen Hiebert's handmade paper dresses & film:

On the wall, Anne's fabric pieces and Rachel Siegel's photographs; on the floor, my pillows:

Among other admin type stuff, I started seriously looking around for classes/lessons in Persian or Mughul miniature painting, for next year, or maybe the year after.

Found three in London!


Bridget B. said...

Ah, London . . . sounds like a trip with a tax write-off to me! And I empathize on the whole "wanting more time for the project" thing - is there a deadline to the grant or for the display?

gl. said...

neat neat neat! thanks for sharing the tennessee pix.

also, i'm surprised you didn't start with all 6 seniors at once. how much time is left?

fingerstothebone said...

I have until Oct to finish the books, and the exhibits go up on Nov & Dec this year. So I'm on track as of this moment, but it's definitely a tight schedule.

I was thinking that I'd work with one person at a time, that way I can focus on who they are, what their needs are, etc. But when my mercurial 1st senior was so difficult at the beginning, we decided to move forward with a 2nd person at the same time. And that's worked out pretty well.