Tuesday, March 04, 2008

MiT, 1st senior, day 7

I met with my 1st senior this morning, which now seems like a LONG time ago.

Once again, we met for a watercolor session; she finished the one she started last time, and then started another. Also once again, she's spending A LOT of time trying to get a blue/pink sunset sky with subtle color shifts. She's willing to spend a lot, I mean a lot, of time doing that. We worked mostly in silence, but then once in a while, she would pop out some really surprising comment about her past. They would just sort of come out of nowhere. It's really interesting. There's something about these sessions, where she's really obsessed about this ONE specific image (sunset sky, grass, trees, a path), that seems to bring out some memories. This this entry for out last meet.

On other fronts, I'm still chipping away at the Portland Open Studios web site update. And on even more other fronts, I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed, with Alice asking for a web site update in the next 2 weeks and a gocco class being lined up. I probably should've said no to the class; and in fact, I still might, since they don't seem to have quite all the equipment necessary, which means I'll have to schlep a lot of stuff.

So I was feeling pretty down and out by tonight when we went for the Random Movie, The Band's Visit, and it really cheered me up. Again, nothing really happens, but a very sweet movie.


gl. said...

where are you teaching the gocco class?

fingerstothebone said...

Jeremy at Rake asked if I'd teach a class there. But it would be a class that I'd organize, and I'd just be renting the space. So it'd be a little more work than if they organized it and I just showed up to teach it.