Thursday, March 27, 2008

The short hair picture

So gl requested an image of me with short hair, and without the stubble, so here it is:

When it was first cut, it was shorter still; it had grown out some already in this shot. I did take some pictures at a photobooth right after I had it cut, but the background was black, and you couldn't see my hair against the background. I can vouch that I looked just like k. d. lang though, when her hair is really short!

This was probably around 1997-8. I saw a lot of women with their hair cut really short and it looked really cute, so I tried it. My hair stood straight up when it was cut that short. It was really easy to wash, 5 seconds; then I had to spend another 10 minutes trying to get it to lie down flat! It also required way too frequent visits to the hair place to keep it trimmed and stuff, so I grew it back out. Now I just have the lazy person's haircut.

OK, onto business. Today was the meeting to discuss the new Portland Open Studios web site, and it was a marathon 5 hour meeting! We got a lot done. There was also the wee bit distraction of a 3 months old baby...


gl. said...

oh, it feels like an artsy new york haircut! the coffeecup is a good prop. :)

5 hours! goodness. i have a board retreat coming up that's about that long, but i don't get paid for it. :P

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- how about an artsy Beaverton haircut?

Yeah, we have a board retreat coming up too, and I'll bet that lasts at least another 5 hours!