Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lake Oswego Chronicles piece, day 11

I think I see another reason why I'm just not liking this—it's starting to remind me of a Thomas Kink*de painting! Although the Good Prince tells me not to worry, I'm 'no master of light', he said.

I worked on it a bit more after the photo was shot, but I'm not sure that I'll keep it. I'm definitely thinking that I'll probably, maybe, for sure, remove the bird's nest before it's all over. I like the quietness of the right side, and the nest rather breaks that mood. See this entry for the previous image.

Cleaned up the whole batch of gocco screens that I and my seniors have been using. I think using them in the room divider will be a fine thing. One of my better ideas of late.

I'm starting to have more concrete ideas for senior #1's book as well. The evening walk tonight was productive that way; figured out a couple of things. Once I get this painting out of my hair, I'll start mocking up the books for both senior #1 and #2.

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