Thursday, March 13, 2008

More bits & pieces

Well, I have the artwork for the next issue of pudding printed out, one on transparency, one on vellum, and a 3rd one on 20lb paper. Those are the different media that the stencilpro instructions say you can use to expose the stencil. Although I think I'll only do the transparency and 20lb paper, they are much more easily available than vellum.

Lots of admin/business stuff during the day. Had to write a fresh artist's statement for the open studios application. Since I'm focusing on artist's books this year with my projects with the seniors, my 'regular' statement didn't quite work; so I edited it to talk more about my books. In the evening, went to the GBW meet at Muddy Waters. Showed the mockup of the book around and got some good feedback.

Now that I have my car back, I hope to get back to meeting with my seniors again soon.

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